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Do I Need a Dog Walker?

6 Reasons Why You (and your dog) Do!

Hiring a Dog Walker used to be for the rich and famous; a luxury service for people too glamorous to walk in the rain and pick up poo... Times Have Changed!!

As owners we are far more in touch with our dogs basic needs; toilet breaks, food, exercise. We care for our dogs the best we can... But we lead busy lives and any one of these reasons could mean a Dog Walker could help you!!

1. You Work Long Hours Vets and behaviourists believe a dog shouldn't be left alone for more than 4 hours.

We know our dogs... but with most people working 8+ hours a day its easy to see why this is the Number 1 reason people hire a Dog Walker.

2. You Don't Need To Do It All Yourself

We feel responsible for our dogs. They are ours, so we should care for them! Rushing back on our lunchbreaks to take them out, walking them at 5am before the kids get up!! Don't be so hard on yourself... free up some of your time and let your dog enjoy some well earned socialisation and play while your out.

Equalling a much happier you and your Dog!!

3.Your Health Issues

A dog walker can help ease the pressure of being unwell. Whether its a long term illness or an op which limits your walking ability. You are not a super hero- ask for some help! 4. Events & Family Days Out

No need to feel guilty leaving your Dog at home while you're out enjoying yourself! Let them have some enjoyment too! 5. Improve The Wellbeing Of Your Dog

Stimulation is a MUST for your dog, they need new smells, sights and sounds for their mind to stimulate. Being stuck in their house or in the same garden is not achieving this, thus creating bad, naughty behaviour, barking and boredom.

If you have a dog that loves other dogs, Group walks are a fab. Socializing is great for your dog and makes them very tired!

Trust me, your dog will thankyou for hiring a Dog Walker!!!! 6.High Energy Breed

Spaniels are the cutest puppies... BUT DEAR LORD THEY TAKE A LOT OF WALKING!!!!!!!

Sometimes that extra walk by a Dog Walker can be just what they need, taking all the pressure off you!!

Whichever reason resonates with you,

don't hesitate to give me or another Dog Walker a call. You are someone who recognises the positives of a Dog Walker and the positive impact it can have on you and your Dogs life <3

I hope to see some of you soon, Lucy xx

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